2017 Training Workshop











Future Problem Solving Program Training Workshop

August 15 - 16, 2017
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Powhatan High School
1800 Jude's Ferry Rd, Powhatan, VA 23139

This year's VAFPS training workshop will be conducted in conjunction with Future Problem Solving Program International in an effort to bring new tools and strategies to novice as well as experienced coaches.

P2 equals the Process + the Program!
Learn how  Future Problem Solving
Program (FPSP) and the Creative Problem Solving process (CPS) work together to prepare students for the 21st Century. Explore the basics to link contemporary approaches to CPS, including a variety of tools and methods with their applications in FPSP. Participants will receive an overview and hands-on experiences for global issues and problem within the community. 

The VIEW, an assessment of problem solving style, developed by Edwin C. Selby, Donald J. Treffinger, and Scott G. Isaksen, was developed specifically for the purpose of helping individuals and teams efficiently and effectively solve problems, manage change, and promote innovation. The training explores coach’s response to problem solving and how this impacts working with students. 

Workshop Benefits for ALL coaches:

  • Two full days ($125)
  • Trained by FPSPI Directors
  • Introduction to and use of the VIEW assessment
  • Hands-on experience with focusing and generating tools for preparing a new generation of problem solvers
  • Introduction and connection to Community Problem Solving, Scenario Writing, and Scenario Performance

For NEW Coaches:

  • Guided introduction to the FPSP 6-step process in addition to all of the other benefits


Future Problem Solving of Virginia

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Midlothian VA 23114

804 310-4545