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Virginia teams win top IC honors

Competitive teams from Virginia turned in an incredible performance at the 2017 International Conference, among the best ever.

Not only did the Community Problem Solving team from Cople Elementary School in Westmoreland County capture first place honors in the Junior Division of the Civic & Cultural Category, their counterparts at Montross Middle School in Westmoreland County took third place in the same category in the middle division.

Virginia’s Global Issues Problem Solving teams were honored with three top ten international standings. The Senior Division team from Maggie Walker Governor's School in Richmond finished 4th. The middle division team from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Fairfax County finished 7th, and the Middle Division team from Pocahontas Middle School in Powhatan County finished 9th.

Keep in mind that these are international rankings for matchups that placed our teams in competition with the best in the world. Congratulations to each team.

1st place Community Problem Solving
Junior Division in Civic & Cultural Category
Cople Elementary School
Westmoreland County
Bevon, Griggs, Lee, Louk, Martinez, Headley, Clarke
Coached by Andrew Woodrow & Anne Evans

3rd place Community Problem Solving
Middle Division in Civic & Cultural Category
Montross Middle School
Westmoreland County
Shryock, Sichol, Kesling, Laley
Coached by Andrew Woodrow & Anne Evans

4th place Global Issues Problem Solving
Senior Division
Maggie Walker Governor's School
Cavallaro, Smith, Giorgis, Smith
Coached by Celie Boswell

7th place Global Issues Problem Solving
Middle Division
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
Fairfax County

Dixit, Kim, Li, and Shin
Coached by Nancy Glover

9th place Global Issues Problem Solving

Middle Division
Pocahontas Middle School
Powhatan County

Rucker, Stout, Guyton, Schardt
Coached by Patty Haskins

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