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Andrew Woodrow

Presentation of the Mover & Shaker Award by Anne Evans

The Mover and Shaker Award was created by the Future Problem Solving Program of Virginia's Executive Board to recognize individuals for making significant and lasting contributions to problem solving. It's our highest non-competitive adult award which acknowledges the recipient's strong passion for the Future Problem Solving Program.

This year’s recipient has served as a coach and has had very successful State Bowl and International Conference teams. 

Our recipient has worked tirelessly to create a climate in his classroom for his teams where team members are recognized, nurtured, and celebrated. He is an advocate for his team members.

Our recipient’s wit, energy, and intellect make him an exemplary coach. His exceptional use of different coaching techniques distinguishes him as an outstanding coach. It is, however, his ability to motivate students that sets him apart. He understands the necessary ingredients for creating a successful learning environment. He fosters an attitude towards learning which encourages students to seek and enjoy intellectual challenges, as well as helps team members develop a strong work ethic.

Our recipient has coached multiple teams in both the middle division and at the junior level. These teams have won first place at states and most of the teams advanced to international competition to represent the state of Virginia. At internationals his teams have soared to success mostly because of his encouragement, enthusiasm, and guidance.

This year’s recipient supports his teams 100%. In fact, at international competitions he has been known to go the extra miles – he once walked five miles for helium balloons in the pouring rain…for the sake of the project display.  He has been known to lead short walking tours that clocked 8 miles, and he has saved the day by running across campus at internationals to retrieve forgotten project props, AND has become a master at toilet papering dorm rooms. The unexpected becomes the expected when this years’ recipient is present. Anyone that meets or talks to our recipient immediately recognizes his passion and commitment to Future Problem Solving.

Mr. Andy Woodrow has made, and continues to make, his mark on Future Problem Solving of Virginia, and it is for these reasons we would like to recognize him as our 2019 Mover and Shaker. 

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