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Dan Baise

Presentation of the Mover & Shaker Award by Patty Haskins

The Mover and Shaker Award was created by the Future Problem Solving Program of Virginia's executive board to recognize individuals for making significant and lasting contributions to problem solving education. It's our highest non-competitive adult award which acknowledges the recipient's strong passion for the Future Problem Solving Program, dedication and innovation to continue to move the program forward, and selfless actions. There is no question that this year's candidate is a Mover and Shaker in Virginia.

This year’s recipient has served as coach, evaluator and trainer, has had successful State Bowl and International Conference teams, and held multiple positions on the executive board. One of the caveats to receiving this award is that it be presented to a member of our Virginia problem solving community not currently holding a seat on the executive board. In keeping with this tradition, the executive board didn't hesitate to quickly nominate and approve this year's recipient who recently retired from our executive board.

Dan Baise can be considered the father of Future Problem Solving program of Virginia beginning his journey with Future Problem Solving as a coach to his Norfolk Public School’s students in the International Program’s open division and was instrumental in obtaining Virginia's recognition as an affiliate of Future Problem Solving Program International. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to receive training from, been coached by, or listen to the stories as Dan regales of teams state and international competitions, immediately recognizes his passion and commitment to Future Problem Solving.

He is the architect of the Wythe student recognition award, designer of the original VAFPS logo and initiator of its come back as the current program logo.

He has been a future scene writer for Virginia's specific scenes, as well as those used in the international program, our website designer whose design is used by the international office as an example of a cutting edge web design, and my mentor since I joined Future Problem Solving of Virginia as a coach in 1994.

It is through Dan's wisdom and depth of understanding of E. Paul Torrence's vision and mission of the FPS process that Virginia's programs carry on this legacy. Dan Baise has made, and continues to make, his mark on our Future Problem Solving of Virginia, and it is for these reasons we would like to recognize Dan as our 2018 mover and shaker.

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